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Nia Classes


Win a personalized Nia Holistic Dance Gift Certificate! Miquon parent Lisa Zahren invites you to experience Nia, a holistic dance practice that draws on many dance traditions, martial arts, yoga, and other mind-body awareness practices. Nia is accessible and adaptable to any ability, fitness, or wellness level. The certificate is good for five of her weekday morning online Nia classes (Tues., Wed., Fri.). Alternatively, Lisa will organize a personalized Nia experience for you and your friends and family, either outdoors or online at a mutually agreeable time before the end of the calendar year. You will help set the focus and decide how much sweaty, fun, grounded, connected, healing, centered, mindfulness, playfulness, or outrageousness should be invoked. Lisa has been a certified Nia instructor for ten years and teaches through various nonprofit organizations, including Mt. Airy Learning Tree and the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia. Valued at $100. Donated by Miquon parent Lisa Zahren.

Out of stock